Properties of Waves : Reflection

When waves strike a barrier they are reflected. This means which waves bounce off moochers . Sound waves bounce off walls, light waves bounce off mirrors,countersunk rare earth magnets radar waves bounce off planes and how bats cone  fly at night and avoid moochers as small as telephone wires. etc. The property of reflection is a very important and useful one.

When waves are reflected, the process of reflection has certain properties. If a wave hits one  obstacle at a right angle to the surface (NOTE TO SELF: diagrams needed) then the wave is reflected directly backwards.

Fhsst waves9.png

If the magnets neodymiumwave strikes the obstacle at some other angle then it is not reflected directly backwards. magnet ringThe angle which the waves arrives at is the same as the angle which the reflected waves leaves at. The angle which waves arrives at or is incidentmagnet toys at equals the angle the waves leaves at or is reflected at. Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection

magnetic hook

{\displaystyle {\begin{matrix}\theta _{i}=\theta _{r}\end{matrix}}} {\displaystyle bar magnets for sale{\begin{matrix}\theta _{i}=\theta _{r}\end{matrix}}}


fishing magnet

magnetic hooks

{\displaystyle {\begin{matrix}\theta _{i}=\theta _{r}\end{matrix}}} {\displaystyle {magnet ring\begin{matrix}\theta _{i}=\theta _{r}\end{matrix}}}

{\displaystyle \theta _{i}} {\displaystyle \theta _{i}}

cube magnets

: angle of incidence

disc magnets

this is a noodle doodle

{\displaystyle \theta _{r}} {\displaystyle \theta _{r}}

his is a noodle doodle

rare earth magnet

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